Friday, April 18, 2008

My Daughter Courtney

Courtney Ideker is graduating from Alpharetta High School this year. She is not only beautiful and smart, she also got "the responsibility gene." She completed high school in the joint enrollment at Valdosta State this year and earned a 4.0 and a jump start (27 hours) on college. She was asked to student teach a math class, was accepted into two honor societies, and was generally amazing in adapting to being away from home.

She will be attending the University of Georgia in the fall. Although this is a difficult pill to swallow for a family riddled with Vols, I think she is making a terrific decision. She intends to major in accounting (et tu nerdus!). The UT accounting department was extremely gracious, hospitable and did everything they could to attract Courtney to UT. The overall university, however, did not show as much interest as I would have expected. Ultimately, that relative indifference (not the money-- which would not have been that big of difference after scholarships) led to Courtney choosing a great school 75 minutes away with a lot of kids she already knew.

She was very impressed with FSU and Auburn, as well. Both of these schools offered scholarships. Ultimately, she decided based on a terrific balance of quality of education, quality of accounting department (UGA is top 15), familiarity and, of course, big-time sports!