Monday, July 28, 2008

Graduation Cruise

The Idekers terrorized Mexico on a cruise from 7-24 to 7-28.   This was Courtney's graduation gift.  We had a blast.  Chris won two medals for trivia prowess (we sailed out of Mobile, Alabama so there was a very shallow gene pool!), Christopher dazzled the bar with his golf swing, Courtney and Sean were very impressive dancers and Karen and Courtney learned how to play blackjack.  Here is the gang in Cozumel and here is the slideshow.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Cincinnati Idekers Invade Alpharetta

This weekend we were visited by Ric's kids.  Brittany and Ricky came down on thursday and Heather and Fred joined us on friday.  They were here to visit but Rick put them to work moving Papa's furniture.

Heather and Fred have a beautiful little girl (Ric's granddaughter) named Brianna.  She is very well behaved and a real pistol-- very funny.  Here are some pictures from the pool.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Wedding in Cincinnati

On friday, July 11th, brother Ric, Karen, Christopher and I piled into the Prius for a trip to Cincinnati.  The trip took 8 hours because Ric did not pedal fast enough.  The occasion was the wedding of Jen Robb and Tim Yulish.  Jen is the daughter of my cousin Dennis in Cincinnati.  Dennis, Ric and I grew up together and remain close.  

Jen and Tim had a beautiful wedding in Ault Park in Cincinnati.  A good time was had by all-- but some more than others!!  Christopher was taught the macarena and the shag by his mother. I think the boy has the potential to break a few hearts!

The next day Dennis and his wife Kathy hosted a reception at their new home in Cincinnati.  I had a chance to spend time with Tim (the groom) and his family.  He and Jen make a terrific couple and we wish them the best.  Here is the slideshow of the wedding and reception.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Courtney Returns, Ferf Cards Best Round at Polo

This week saw the return of Courtney from working the first half of summer as a counselor at Camp High Harbor in Rabun Gap.  She had a blast and misses it terribly.  She has two days of orientation this week at UGA.  Does it really take two days to learn how to bark?

Christopher played nine holes with Dad on Sunday and had his best round ever at Polo.  He started out double, triple, triple, but managed to settle down for a 51.  His short game is getting better.  His tee game is a beautiful thing to watch-- I give it a year and he will be booming it past Dad.