Sunday, May 11, 2008


Tough weekend for the Idekers.  It started out when Chris was in Las Vegas and the cab he was riding in rear-ended another car.  He was trying to get money out of his wallet, so he did not have his seatbelt on and crashed against the cage.  This has created a series of headaches and more loopy behavior than normal.

On Saturday, Karen went to Chattanooga and had a flat tire.  She called AAA, but 2 hispanic good samaritans had it fixed before they arrived.  

Today (Mother's day) we were rushing to attend a brunch when we noted that both of our cars appeared much more messy than normal.  First, we blamed Christopher, but then quickly noticed that things were missing.  As it turns out, Karen had left the garage door open last night and some thieves took advantage of the opportunity.  They stole two GPS units and our brand new camera and lenses.  We figure the loss was about $2,500.

The only good thing was that I beat my buddy Scott Blackard in golf yesterday.  Scott is a 9 handicapper and I had only beaten him twice in 7 years.  He had an awful day and I had a good one.  88 for Chris and 90 for Scott.  We all know I'm not the type to rub it in, but here is a picture of Scott at the scene of the crime!

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nikki said...

So sorry about your bad luck!! Things will get better!!