Monday, July 28, 2008

Graduation Cruise

The Idekers terrorized Mexico on a cruise from 7-24 to 7-28.   This was Courtney's graduation gift.  We had a blast.  Chris won two medals for trivia prowess (we sailed out of Mobile, Alabama so there was a very shallow gene pool!), Christopher dazzled the bar with his golf swing, Courtney and Sean were very impressive dancers and Karen and Courtney learned how to play blackjack.  Here is the gang in Cozumel and here is the slideshow.


christy said...

Looks like you guys had a fantastic time, we can't wait for our cruise in October. We are going to Key West,Cozumel and Belize.

The Alpharetta Idekers said...

Christy, Margaritaville in Key West is the BEST BAR I have ever been to. Alot of the photos on the slideshow were taken there.

nikki said...

Looks like loads of fun!! Lots of great brother/sister shots!! I love it! Seems like only yesterday they couldn't stand each other:)