Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Courtney Returns, Ferf Cards Best Round at Polo

This week saw the return of Courtney from working the first half of summer as a counselor at Camp High Harbor in Rabun Gap.  She had a blast and misses it terribly.  She has two days of orientation this week at UGA.  Does it really take two days to learn how to bark?

Christopher played nine holes with Dad on Sunday and had his best round ever at Polo.  He started out double, triple, triple, but managed to settle down for a 51.  His short game is getting better.  His tee game is a beautiful thing to watch-- I give it a year and he will be booming it past Dad.


Sharon said...

The pictures of Christopher are amazing. He looks just like the pros (only cuter). As for orientation, the first week is the deprogramming of the hound dog howl...then the UGA bark OO OO OO OO OO! JUst wait until you get to go and give it the old GEORGIA cheer...Take some Maalox!

nikki said...

I say it will take less than a year:) just kidding! I met my best friend in the world a UGA orientation! She's making memories!!! Hope to see you guys soon!